Acolyte Home and Gifts

This site is absolutely filled with beautiful things, and to be pefectly honest, I don't really know where to begin!

For a start, you'll find all kinds of gorgeous Shabby Chic style furniture.

I love these Union Jack Shabby Chic Chairs!
A touch of French Baroque meets Cool Brittania!

These chairs are also available in lots of other colours and patterns too.

More tea vicar?

How about a cute patchwork Union Jack tea cosy?

These are adorable and make a really lovely gift.

Pop it over your tea pot or hang it in your kitchen as a decorative item.

These gorgeous festival chandeliers caught my eye!

Just love the stunning bold and bright colours on these dramatic

Definately a show stopping conversation piece!

This Gisela Graham set of rusted tin birds are lovely rustic decorative items.

They each have a small tag so they can be hung up and each one carries a leaf or a flower.

There are eight lovely birds in a set!

Oooh look at this beauty!

A beautiful French antique wardrobe with a glass door.

Utterly fabulous!

Shabby Chic at its very finest.

Check out Acolyte Home and Gifts and see the fabulous array of vintage and retro style goodies for yourself!

You can pamper your pets and find all kinds of hand crafted goodies, some of which are exclusive to Acolyte Home and Gifts. 

Acolyte Home and Gifts also have Baumhaus La Roque solid mahogany furniture, unique hand crafted clocks, vintage style teapots, coasters...the list goes on!

New products are being added regularly, so don't forget to bookmark them so you can call back!

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